No Smoking Day
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Bring it on!!

Yay, made it to the start of Week 3! :D

There were a few moments over the weekend where I didn't think I would, but I got past it- mainly due to some of the advice on here.

Struggled on Saturday with the lovely weather, but I took the bull by the horns and popped out to my local in the afternoon for a couple of drinks and NO cigarettes. Wasn't all that difficult, and now I have done it I know I no longer need to avoid it.

So yes, I welcome you Week 3 and all you have to throw at me! I am stronger than I thought. And healthier now too.

Thanks to everyone who has offered kind words and advice and good luck to all those on the same journey. Big respect! :)


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Nice one!

I was also dreading my first trip to the local and took it on last week.

Think I'll have to be on my toes for the first few times I go out, but it'll get easier. I'm sure of that!


Well done for getting to week 3:D I will be joining you soon as I'm not far behind you. I know what you mean about it being difficult over the weekend with the weather so nice. I never smoked in the house but always took a cup of coffee outside and sat out there to smoke so it did seem strange sitting out at the weekend and not smoking - but I made it. Doing my best to watch what I eat though as I could really eat anything in sight so making sure I have plenty of fruit instead of chocolate and sweet things.


Well done JQ:D

Can't wait till I get to week 3. That is awesome.



Good effort!

I think those first two weeks sort the men from the boys (or something like that:D) and it's definitely best to get the pub experience in sooner than later if you can cope.

There's nothing worse for your state of mind than denying yourself all the other stuff you enjoy, wears you down!



Good on you Jittery, I've had a tough couple of days as you've read and seeing how well you've coped and how far you've got now has inspired me too. :)


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