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Day 4 and glad I found this site

Hi All,

Im on day 4 and it was a little rough. I should have thought to look for this site 2 days ago. All the stories and information have been so helpful.

I just joined today, Im at the end of day 4. Ive been smoking on and off for about 20 yrs now. This is my 3rd attempt this year to quit but I feel like im more ready for it this time. Today in the car (I love to smoke and drive I have a long commute) I picked up a Bic Pen and held it like a cigerette, I even took a drag off of it. Well Ill tell you what, I think this is whats gong to work for me. Its the same roundness of a cig and well a little long it did the trick. Ive been a little headachie today but Im guessing its withdrawal. Ive been a closet smoker since I went back to smoking about 4yrs ago after my son was born. Im sure most of my friends and husband is aware I have been smoking but at work I sit in my car to smoke or stand behind it. I never smoked in front of anyone when I started again, my thought was I smoked less but im not so sure. Today I had to fight the urge a few times to "Just have one". But I read that its the worst thing you can do. So I need some support, and Im here for support.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 4 is a real achievement - well done. Being a secret smoker must have been very stressful - I'm sure that you won't miss that! You will get lots of support on this site - let us know how you are doing.


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