No Smoking Day
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Feeling good

Woo-hoo, yes that's right, I'm feeling smug, 2 more hours and I'm into week three.

I know there could be setbacks but I feel better, look better and smell better so why would I ever want to go back to the way things were. It's payday today and I've treated myself to some new clothes on-line with the money I've saved (and will save) this month.

Have a great w-e everybody.


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Absolutely brilliant you sound like a big beaufiful ray of sunshine keep up the good work


Well done Paul,

Enjoy the new clothes :D Doesn't it feel great to have all that extra money.

Keep up the great work



Thansks Boo and Lingy, yep sun is shining, it's the w-e and I feel great. It certainly is good to have the extra cash in my pocket rather than going up in smoke!! (literally) :D



well done Paul, you are doing great. Enjoy the new clothes and even better they wont smell of smoke :)


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