4 Months Today

Hi Everyone

Well, I've reached the 4 month mark, will be exactly 4 calender months tomorrow. Quit is going great, would still have the odd wobbly moment when I'm having a drink but at this stage I just flick the thought away with a wave of my hand :)

Saying hello to all my quit buddies of Class of June 2011, I'm hoping and praying that most of you are all still going strong and keeping off them cancer sticks.

Good luck to you all, here's to our 5th month :) :)

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  • Blondie flicks away another nicotine thought....


    :) well done blondie, keep leading the way, you are doing fab!

  • Brilliant Blondie, that's a great achievement.

    Keep on flicking! LOL

    H x

  • Well done Blondie - proud of you !!

  • Gratz Blondie,

    Today I started my 5th month as well ;)

    Last month was no trouble at all.

    Saving money to treat myself to a 1 week vacation when i complete half year.

    Good to see you are still here :)

  • Well done Blondie!!!


  • Keep Going Blondie!!!...With You All The Way.


  • better late then never, well done blondie :)

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