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Smoke free - day 4

Dear members,

After 15 years of being active smoker, today is my 4th day as a nonsmoker. I'm proud and I owe all of you a big THANK YOU for my achievement. Sharing your experience helped me a lot to reach my final decision and go through "smoke free nightmares" during these first days.

Today I feel much better however I do eat a lot :(. I drink a lot of tea and water (2+ lit) and my diet contains fruits, vegetables and rice, however the food quantity is XXL - I can't stop myself and I can feel that my body is "growing" :mad:

I'm planning to start with step aerobics as of next week. Hopefully I'll manage to stop gaining weight.

Good luck to all of you.

Quit day:26 September 2011

Method: Cold turkey

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Well done Jana,

I think weight gain is a normal thing, I know I have gained quite a lot. It is probably to do with replacing the hand to mouth action rather than really wanting food. One thing at a time though

Keep up the good work



Hi Jana

Welcome to the forum. Lingy is right about the eating and extra weight - most of us seem to have had this. I think that dealing with any weight gain can be dealt with later once you have really cracked the smoking thing.


tonight is horrible

Today I was so calm and thought this was it but tonight I feel horrible... God help me :(

Please give me some tips apart from drinking, eating and walking. I'm going crazy...


Hi jana,

I felt like that towards the end of Day 4 and the beginning of Day 5 and I know it is really horrible. I think I got through it by thinking how bad the first 3 days were and taking it an hour at a time as I didn't want to have to restart the process. And it is a learning process we are going through. And if you can get through one bad day then you will be more able to cope the next time you have one. And the bad feelings really do pass. Day six was so much easier for me. And when I reached the one week mark I felt as if something was starting to click. Still felt a bit strange and panicky but the craving for a cigarette was conspicuous by its abscence which was a good feeling:) And now I have nearly finished day 8. So stick with it, it will get better soon now. It is still early days for both of us and Rome wasn't built in a day as they say:D And we are both over the worst now.

Take care,



Thanks Lingy, MrsT, Zoemac

Lingy, MrsT and Zoemac thanks a lot for you support. I means a lot to me.

Good luck to all of us :)


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