No Smoking Day
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Still here!

Day 20 and all is still good... After the toddlers tantrums from the other weekend, I've even survived a 4 year old birthday party now, complete with way too much sugar and excitement for one day!! :)

The running is still improving too. 23km and counting on the feet this week so far, and my lungs are holding up just fine!

Hope to see you all in the next forum from Saturday!

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Well done Barney you are doing great.

23km:eek: I am lucky to do 23 yards :D Started to do jogging to try and shift some of the excess weight. Do 60 secs jog 90 secs walk for 20 mins. boy did my thighs hurt the next day :D. Did my second set the other night and legs are much better but my knee is a little sore so will take it easy and then try again.

Well done on surviving the birthday party

Keep up the great work



Well done Barney. Keep it up. See you in the next place Saturday.


Cheers both..

The running has been going on for a while actually, but while I haven't increased my distance that much, I can certainly tell it's a lot easier.

It was actually one of my "tipping points", when I was finishing a half marathon last month, and thought "I can celebrate this with a couple of beers and a smoke later".. How stupid is that!!!?

Whereas I could probably celebrate properly with a time 10 minutes faster now!!


"I can celebrate this with a couple of beers and a smoke later

LOL..How many times have i said that too? Finish a hockey game and cant wait to get undressed to get out and have a smoke.

I"m hoping you hit that ten minute difference!



Well done barney, you're doing great.

Learning to jog will be my next challenge, hopefully once my lungs are a little clearer I'll be able to start without feeling like I'm about to faint.

And you can still celebrate your half marathons with a couple of beers - you'll have 10 min more of drinking time :p


very encouraging

wow, if you made it through that you are the right track.


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