No Smoking Day
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Message from beyond

I just wanted to tell all the day one quitters the following

1. You've made the right choice.

2. You have the strength to do this. I don't have to believe you can do it, I KNOW you can. Cry, laugh, scream, stomp, dance, love, support, understand and rejoice. It's going to be emotional! But its doable if you just understand that ain't nothing but a thing and we stop doing things all the time.

3. Take a deep breath! Its not going to ever be this hard ever again. Every minute you resist it gets easier. I know its hard to hear that right now when you jones for a fag but close your eyes. Imagine you're loved ones and how proud they are of you. Picture their smiling faces as you show them how strong you can be. You are a strong person and you're going to beat this demon into a pulp.

4. Every day, every hour, every minute you do gets easier. Measure achievements in 3's 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months.

I swear the reason I gave up was for me. The reason I managed to get through it was Allen Carr. Once I heard what he had to say I was cured. I suggest getting a hold of his tapes / cds/ mp3's and quit.

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