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Day 17

On day 17, seem to be finding it much easier now.

Walked past a group of smokers, and while I thought the smell of fresh smoke was nice, I didn't feel I particularly wanted one.

I've been a vegetarian for 6 years now, and I still find the smell of bacon appealing, but I don't actually want to eat it, so it's looking good for my no smoking future :)

Only downside was that I didn't leave the flat all weekend, except to put something in the wheelie bin :p

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17 days already, well done !!! wowwwwww you go :D . Your not far away from 3 weeks. Every day , very hour will get a little easier. :D


Well done jen! :D

Seems like you've reached a big turning point. :)

How come you stayed in all weekend? Avoiding temptation?


I wasn't feeling very well - I think I have a cold. Certainly my head felt (and still does a bit) like it's been filled with damp wool.

So I sat around in my PJs eating tiramisu. In fact, eating anything I could find that required minimum effort! Thank god Quorn do ready meals now :D


Well done Jen. Sorry to hear you have "the cold" - there seems to be a lot of it about this week.


Hi Jen ... well done with your quit

i hate the smell of exhaled smoke now ...

i didnt even notice it when i smoked :D


Well done Jen

I know what you mean about the smell of fresh smoke, seems weird not to want one :) I just remind myself how awful the stale stuff smells.

Keep up the fantastic work



Great stuff Jen.

I was a bit worried that I still love the smell of fresh smoke....glad it's not just me. Not tempted to have one anymore, but when I do get a whiff I like it. OH, who quit 5 years ago, is now saying he's missing the smell of my cigarettes...I think he was living vicariously through my smoking!

Funny business this nicotine addiction eh?!


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