Day twelve

Now into day twelve feeling really good and positive . No major cravings yet. Really looking forward to reaching two weeks only 2 days to go . Watered down my nicotine nasal spray by 50/50 with water and it's much easier to take and will be cheaper . Did this last night and it's still doing the job. Good luck to all that read this . Be back tomorrow for another installment .

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  • Well done on getting to day 12

    You should be so proud of yourself.

    Keep going

    Lingy :)

  • WELL DONE pfaber , keep going :D

    2 weeks is close and you will feel amazing when you reached it . :p

  • Well done pfaber.

    Following you closely behind on day 11 :D

  • Thanks

    Thanks for all the encouragement folks it really helps . I've started timing my craves and it helps grately . It's true they are only full on for a few minutes. Inbetween these i still feel a bit edgy but not enough to want to smoke . Some of the time i actually feel pretty good . Onwards and upwards .

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