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Day 6


Day 6 was much easier than day 5 :)

The only thing I'm finding now is a weird sense of feeling 'lost' - cigs have always marked out different times of day for me (going to work, lunchtime, end of work etc), so now my days feel a little like paragraphs without punctuation. Not helped by the fact work is deathly quiet and I keep running out of things to do. :(

On day 7 today, off to a friend's wedding this weekend, which will be a challenge. weddings always mean booze, and a lot of waiting around. Also, I won't know many people, which always makes me a bit anxious. I'll just have to see how it goes.

On the plus side, there'll be a ceilidh dance, so I'll probably be too out of breath to want to smoke!

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Good luck with not smoking at the wedding, you can do it, you've got this far.

I'm on day 6 and feeling great and positive. I'm not missing smoking at all. I've managed to switch off to those habits. I do still get the thing in my brain which says, right time for a cigarette now or when can I fit a cigarette in between doing this and this but then I proudly tell myself I am a non smoker! :-)

It's great to smell nice too and my sense of smell is amazing.

Good luck, keep going as we seem to be the two who are going through this as the same time, ie. you are on day 7 and me 6.

I'm one behind you on day 5 :)

Getting easier each day passing. I'm gigging at the weekend which usually means cigarettes throughout the evening as most of the band smoke. Gonna be a tough one but I know I can get through it!

Good luck to everyone else on their first weekend!

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