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Cravings on Day 3

Managed to get to day 3 without too much trouble.

But I'm having some pretty bad cravings at the moment. I'm on NRT (patches) so they are simply the psychological effects of giving up but I am finding them quite strong.

I'm about to go to the gym. But I always have a smoke before and then one after so it's quite difficult! I just keep imagining my lungs being filled with smoke and knowing that's not going to happen is quite upsetting...

I hope it gets better. I just keep reminding myself why I'm giving up but it doesn't stop that desire from coming on.

Not long til I'm through the day. I haven't been as busy so I guess I've had more time to think about it...

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When I went to my first Judo session after quitting, I thought it would be hard without having my cigarette before and after but when I actually got there I found it easier to exercise and I managed not to smoke. I think that people just form a psychological link between exercise and smoking but mine wasn't that hard to break.

Anyway, stay strong buddy! You can do this :)


I ended up just putting it off... I'll go tomorrow.

Yeah, I'm dreading the aftereffects next time I have sex :eek: lol.


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