No Smoking Day
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So far so good!!

Hi all,

Just signing in here for the first time on day 3!

I never used to smoke all that much, 7-10 a day on average I suppose. Had some bad family news over the weekend. Now is the time to quit, doing it for Mum as much as myself!

Never really thought about quitting before, always "Ill quit one day", but Monday this week was that day! :D

Will keep checking in on this forum over the coming weeks and months... Good luck to everybody doing the same

Mark x

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Well done Mark on quitting, i'm on day 2 but hopefully this is the last time I try and pack in. Keeps us posted on how you're getting on over the next week or so and good luck.


Good luck with your quit Mark. Sorry to hear about you getting bad news. Day three sees the end of the physical withdrawal, so that is a good milestone.


I'm on day 3 as well and like you, I was (WAS!) a light smoker.

Not finding it too hard but NRT is helping.

Good on you for choosing this time to quit. It's probably a time people start smoking more but choosing to quit then speaks volumes about the strength of your character. I hope you're doing ok.

Good luck!


Well done, you've made a good decision. I used to smoke a similar number of cigarettes to you and now I have completed 4 weeks, nearly a month.

What method are you using? I'm doing cold turkey.

Keep up the good work buddy :D


Thanks all for your comments! Think this forum is going to prove really, really useful!

I took the plunge and went out and got some NRT gum, which along with the ActiveStop service by Nicorette seems to be working!

Although I would much rather have not had my news, its given me the willpower to stop, so making the best out of a bad situation.

Bought a Starbucks with the money I've saved this morning too!


Nice job all of you. I see a lot of people on day 3. If you are finding it tough (and you will), just remember that when you are over day 3 you have all the worst behind you!

I'ts far from over when you cross off day 3, but I promise it gets a lot easier from that point on.


Day 3 for me also. Cold turkey

Light smoker maybe 10 a day, didn't start until I gave up Football 14yrs ago in my mid 30s

Day 2 was bad but got throu it.

Reasons for stopping - became ill a few weeks back and it scared me, stopped smoking for a few days and met people who had been smoking and they stank!!

Started smoking again it tasted awful, so prepared to stop, made my list and finished the packet I had, so since Tues 27th Sept 2011

My list is:

1. To regain my health

2. Save the money and go on holiday

3. Project a healthier life style for my son

4. Not to stink of smoke, it makes me cringe that people think I stink of smoke



Hi Mark,

Congratulations on reaching Day 3, I also am on Day 3 and feel a whole lot better today than I did yesterday. It's a great feeling isn't it to reach the end of a day and still be 'smoke free'

Keep up the good work x


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