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End of Day 2

So I've reached the end of day two and I haven't had a cig.

I'm quite proud of myself. I've done day one so many times that it's easy but I always give in on day 2. This time however, I've got 16 hour patches (current one will be finished now) and they seem to be helping. I usually go cold turkey but I'm not as irritable as I usually am when I'm trying to quit; big bonus in my book.

I've had a few cravings, especially later on in the evening, which hasn't been helped by my OH smoking but I just keep telling myself that there is no good reason for me to light up. Seems to be working so far but I think I'm going to have to step it up and get back to the gym on a regular basis.

We'll see how tomorrow goes.

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Best Wish's Tyler

i used the 24 hour patch's and the inhalator

i hardly noticed any craves

im still using the inhalator for comfort :)

but rarely .. compared to the begining

theres loads of good educational stuff at

and some heartbreaking journals of people

who have died from smoking related illness's

it helped my stay focused and strong ... reading everything i could


Well done on your second day, I'm on my second day today. I wanted to introduce myself to everyone yesterday but haven't a clue how to open a new post. I work away and am going home tomorrow where the wife might still be smoking, that will be where things get difficult for me, hopefully she won't smoke too.:)


Congrats! :) I'd also advice you to read as much info as you can. When I had a real bad craving I would go to this forum or other websites and read info on why I was having cravings. It really helped me to understand why, and it gave me comfort to know there was a reason behind it and that they wouldn't be permanent.

Here's a few tips to help you deal with cravings:

1) Take a few deeeep breaths.

2) Chew on some gum, or suck on hard candy. Some people like to eat a carrot or celerey rootm, whatever works for you.

3) Go for a short run or do some excersizes (don't do it for an extended period of time, only short bursts of very exhausting excersizes).

4) Keep your focus - tell yourself the discomfort is only temporary, a craving on average lasts for 3-5 minutes, can you stay strong for 5 minutes? I think you can.

5) Tell yourself the pain is a GOOD thing, it's your body healing.

6) Take 1 hour at a time.


Good luck to both of you on your quits. I hope that your OH's are impressed and decide to give up as well! Mine did after my first week, which has made things much easier. Either way, don't let their smoking throw you off course.


Thanks guys.

Have to say, this forum is helping loads. I would probably be close to giving in if it wasn't for here, but tomorrow I'll be on day 4.

Good luck Scooby. Hope you stay strong.


Well done on day 2!

My bloke gave up at the same time as me and gave in last weekend (after 4 weeks). I have spent the last week bragging about how good I am. Its helped me :)


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