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Newbie help

Hi Everyone, this is my third time quitting and I would really like some advice on how to keep off cigarettes. It's been two days since i've smoked, I'm currently using an electronic cigarette by E-Lites and what my mates call 'replacement therapy' where I do 10 push-ups when I crave a cigarette. Firstly I need more information about using electronic cigarettes...Are they legal everywhere? I feel uncomfortably just using one in public just incase! Also I could use some advice for how to stop cravings in the morning and after meal times?? Thanks

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I am a fan

No big surprise, but I am a fan, mainly because they worked for me. Can't say they've worked for everybody I've known. I've tried to compile as much info as I could on electronic cigarettes as I could on my website imaginatively titled... electroniccigarettes .co .uk (no spaces)

They are legal everywhere, although I wouldn't try them on planes as some don't allow them. Ultimately it's still down to the establishment owners, as to whether they are happy for you to use them, most have a blue, or green light to signal that they are not real, but the smoke can surprise a few people. Most people just looked shocked when I smoke indoors and then start asking questions, if you're comfortable with that then go for it!!!

Let me know how you find them and any product reviews would be greatly appreciated!


Hi violet. Firstly good luck with your quit

I am not a fan of electronic cigarettes but am a fan of doing whatever it takes to stop smoking.

They are legal to use in public places and a lot of pubs sell them. I think now more people are aware of them they raise less eyebrows.

Fruit juice is good in the morning.

Best wishes to you

Hi Karri, have you tried any e-cigs? I'm looking for some reviews/comments on the products (good, or bad) just want some honesty, as most of the sites seem to be owned by own company or another... cheers peter


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