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CT Day 5 !!

Hello! Im a newbie :D

Im on my 5th day of going CT n the last two days have been hard :( Iv tried to stop smoking twice b4 both time with nicotine replacement longest times quit was a month so this time i going in alone! Lat Night was deffently the hardest so far. Last night the insomnia kicked in taking me nearly two hours to get to sleep n waking up constently during night. Not been to bad today i really wanna do it this time. I hate the cravings :mad:

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Hang on in there Lindsey - you are doing really well, and the hardest bit is over! You have my sympathy on the trouble with sleeping - I am still getting that after five weeks (but I think it is the Champix in my case).

Hope you start to feel a bit better soon.


Keep going Lindsey . I am on day5 and I find it difficult since last night :(


Sorry to hear about the insomnia :( I hope that you do manage to quit this time though :D


Feel your pain, been the same..feels like a rut... keep going though...I think the key is just to start to get on with life as a non smoker...and thats so much better in every way xx


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