Day 4 yayyyyyyyyyyyy

I can't believe I got to day 4 :D :D :D

It bothers me a little when I wake up and the first thought is "cigarette NOW"

but I think I am doing pretty well during the day . Not too many cravings right now (it can all change from one minute to the next)

I got myself lots of fruit to nibble on and the nicotine chewing cum.

I fear the mad moment off cravings and going off .... I hope I can handle it when it happpens :)

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  • Im on day 5 CT! Day 4 was hard for me :( keep up the good work :D you using patches xx

  • Lindsey

    my day started well and now I'm struggling. All I can think of is going to the corner shop and getting a pack.....:( Your post is helping me to struggle on for a little longer .....

    Keep going Lindsey you doing so well :D .

    I used patches in the past and I think they are brilliant. Unfortunatly I seem to be kind of allergic now , as soon as I put them on I start stratching myself

    non stop. I am using now the chewing gum .

  • dorsest

    have u considered the inhalator i used it for a short while after i came of the patches i had never considered it until the smoke nurse said to have one just incase it saw me through a few tough times and reasonably easy to ween yourself off as it dont taste to good i still have a couple hanging around the house and if i am entering a mega stressy situation i put one in my bag

    my partner recently had to have an operation and a short stay in hospital this was a situation i hadnt been in since quitting and was worried, so the old inhalator went in my bag but i didnt need to use it

    would definately recommend

  • Well done Dorset - you are doing really well. Be strong!

  • boo

    I never tried the inhalator . You know, I think I will go out and see if I get one in my chemist. I am doing ok with the chewing gum but I think I would

    like to have something for emergency. Like another back up. :D

    I wonder if its really cravings or more my mental state .... I can't tell

    them apart. :confused:

    I am almost over the 4th day , if its stays like it is right now I will get through it somehow.

    Thanks for all your posts . Thank you MrsT :)

  • OMG I am dying for a cigarette.... glad that all shops are closed :(

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