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Day 4 and feeling much better

Morning everyone,

I am feeling really positive today after having a bit of a bad day yesterday. I have woken up feeling great. What is even better is on the forum I have gone from single day posts to a group of days post :D that really reinforces how well I am doing.

Although I was scared to give up and the first 3 days of complete abstinence have been a bit hit and miss, mood and craving wise, days like today really show me that I had nothing to be frightened of and I really wish that I had done this sooner.

I know I may not feel like this every day but I am going to make the most of it.

Hope everyone has a really good day today.

Lingy :)

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Wishing you a fantastic day also!

I've had a stressful few days also but at no time have I been tempted to smoke which I'm chuffed about!

I have my no smoking gadget on screen also and I'm all the more happier seeming that I've not spent £128.88 on cigarettes....unfortunately I think it has been re-invested in Krispy Kreme.:rolleyes:


But Krispy Kreme tastes so much nicer :D


Big congrats!

You've made it to day 4 now, I think that's the biggest hurdle.

Just don't expect the cravings to be totally over yet though, there are still a few out there, but they get better and better pretty quickly now.


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