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Off on holiday tomorrow. Two weeks in the Italian lakes, OMG, WOOP!!!!

My first smoke free holiday since I was a kid. Absolutely won't cave in although I can almost guarantee there'll be moments when it's tempting!

And while I'm away I will celebrate my 8 months with no fags. Howzat?!? I will raise a glass of Chianti to all my fellow quitters.

See you all soon! Stay strong.

Helen xxx

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I'm jealous yet very happy for you :)

I hope the fact that you're expecting craves means that you don't end up getting any at all !!!

Enjoy (in advance) your 8 months lunaversary!



Enjoy your smoke-free hols, Helen!



While in the chaotic throes of packing today (what do my kids do with all their pants and socks, do they eat the bloody things?!?) I had one of those 'ohhhh, I could just murder a fag now' moments. I stopped, took a breath, took another, thought 'NOPE - not one puff ever'. And just carried on and felt fine. It's so great to be able to do that now. Time was once a thought like that struck me I'd have been obsessing over it for hours.

Thanks for the good wishes. I'm very excited. Mind you, two days in a car with the kids are looming, we're driving all the way. Not being a smoker is going to make that a LOT easier but still... eep!

But by Sunday I'll be sunning myself by the pool overlooking Lake Garda and the beautiful mountains. :D :D :D


ooh italy :) what's italian for no thank you i've given up :) have a great time and enjoy your 8 month celebrations!!


Oh missed this, really sorry, hope you are having an amazing time.

Im off on my hols too on Friday - Menorca here I come xx


I'm back!

Didja miss me? :p

I see there are loads of new quitters on here so first of all, hello to you all. Welcome to the site, and big pats on the back all round for taking that first step!

So ... I've had the BEST HOLIDAY EVER. I swear. Absolutely wonderful. Sunshine and 35 degrees plus, for two solid weeks. Beautiful mountains, sparkling lake, visits to Venice and Verona and... OK, I'll shut up now. :D

What's important is that I survived 3,500 kilometers in the car with the two boys in the back and didn't think of having a cigarette even once. If I'd still been smoking it would have been hellacious, because I'd have been craving and crabby the whole way.

There were a few moments when I was relaxing with a glass of wine looking out over the lakes and mountains (we had such an amazing view!) when I did think wistfully of smoking. But actually, the people in the next caravan were sucking on the Malboros like the world was about to end, and when the smell wafted over on the breeze it was absolutely disgusting.

Eight months on, still going strong. Holidays without smoking can SO be done!

Hope you're all well my fellow quitters, did I miss anything?

H xxx


Great Helen glad you enjoyed, and yes it can be done even better without cigs no more time wasting on them.

Maria. x:)


Great to hear from you. You are an inspiration!!!


so happy you had a great smoke free vacation!!

congrats on 8 months,,,im right behind ya helen!!:D


Whoo-hoo! Great job on the smoke-free hols... Now to get ready for the penthouse... Are you ready? (sssshhhh, the plastic trumpets are just a decoy...)


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