No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Newbie here :) well I'm exactly an hour into quitting. Work nightshifts, so sleep pattern is up the chute.

Not been a smoker for very long, 4 years really on about 20 a day. Decided now that my other half has quit and is onto her second month its my time to start.

Reasons for quitting.

1. My Step Dad died back in 2000 and i don't want to go the same way, as seeing someone die of Lung Cancer at the age of 14 is something i do not want my kids when we have them to witness.

2. Since smoking, i have been skipping meals and leading a very unhealthy lifestyle, i used to be very fit and sporty. I will probably say that going from a healthy and muscular 12 stone to a skinny 9 stone 10 is due to the smoking.

3. I'm on two sets of drugs for serious Hypertension (High blood Pressure) worst it has been was 187/127 :(

4. I hate the yellow staining on my fingers and the smell

5. I could spend the £120 a month on something worthwhile.

I have tried to give up once before, i lasted 6 weeks, i don't even know why i started again. I think it was more of a social thing and being bored.

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hiya and well done for making the choice, god that first hour is hard, i just took them an hour at a time! as for the sleep pattern being up the chute cos of night shifts :D yep same here (probably hence why theres hardly anyone on line except us mad fools! ) good luck with the quitting though! are you going cold turkey or using nrt?



Weirdly, the last time i quit, i found the first few days the easiest. Its coming towards the end of the week when the Nicotine has left your body i find the hardest.

I keep thinking to myself, well id go for a ciggie now, like do a task and then reward yourself with a cig. Especially at work. I work in a Nursing home on nights. So having a ciggie is used as an excuse to stay awake.


i used to do the same with the cigs to keep awake, now im on copious amounts of coffee and redbull :)


I must admit i do like a good strong Coffee :) trying to find a nice one for work that is close to the taste of filtered coffee.


carte noire is a very nice coffee

well done on you decision to stop best decision u will ever make


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