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day 6


well, I went to see the no-smoking nurse and she told me to try the new spray-mist. I tried it just now and didn't notice anything, whereupon I put in a mini-lozenge and noticed it stronger than usual, so I suppose the mist could be half-working...

Will try it again later, I think I might just have a duff canister.

Am feeling rough with some sort of bug which I thought was over but may not be, such a headache, have taken paracetamol. Also walked a bit too far on the sprained ankle...

So I suppose I should rest for a bit but am still feeling fed up even after one of my friends took me for a coffee and a teacake (it was her turn, she said). Lovely except I'm supposed to avoid wheat.

Felt like taking a taxi home but I did that yesterday and it cost £3.50 for a journey we have measured as 900 yards. But I suppose that could easily be their minimum fare these days.


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hi eleanor....i have been using the patch and it really seems to be working. you get the nicotene but not all the bad stuff from the cigarette. i'm on day 4and doing well. soon i will be lowering my dosage from 21 mgs to either 14 or 7. i'll see how i feel and if the desire is strong or not. i can't believe i made it this far. you mentioned the spray i have never heard of that. anyway good luck to you....


hi eleanor :D keep up the good work, and as for the 900 yard taxi drive and the teacake just call it the little treat for not having smoked :D im sure eating a tiny bit of wheat is better than all those nasty chemicals from smoking!!

keep it up , we will get there!


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