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Week 3 for me

Hey all it has been 3 weeks since my last cigarette I do not even crave them anymore nor do I ever want to smoke another one. I have a question though, I have recently been feeling like a tingling/numbness in my legs feet and arms. Is this a side effect of quitting, like the blood is starting to recirculate or the veins are becoming less constricted?? Has anyone experienced this?? thanx you all you are all doing a great job, stay strong everyone.

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hi agron, great to see you have reached to 3 weeks! keep on going, it can only get better from here :)

you're right, that tingling sounds just like the blood circulation coming back and yes this is a quite usual, and perhaps one of the best, imporvements you will notice as your quit gets longer, the increased blood supply will make your skin healthier and help the body repair itself, it will also help you to exercise longer and harder, its all win win :) well done!!


Im there too

Congrats on week 3. You seem really positive... It really helps to read these posts and feel that I can relate to people going through the same feelings.. Be strong... Never smoking again...Whoo hoo...


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