Day 3

Well reached day three and I am relishing the challenge of getting through today.

- I noticed I woke straight up this morning, didn't feel tired or lethargic at all which is fantastic.

- Did not crave a morning ciggie today which I have the first two days

- Feel in a great mood today, first two days I was neither up or down but today I defiantly feel great, whether is is down to not smoking or I just got up in a good mood who knows.

- I have saved at least £18, and 60 fags not smoked.

- All the nicotine is leaving my body, probably gone within the next 24 hours.

these are just a few small reasons I could think of off the top of my head today but it may help for some on day 1 & 2 to read they are pretty close.

I will see how I am between 6 o'clock & 7 tonight which seems to be the most difficult so far but even that hour is getting easier to abstain from.

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  • Yay,

    So glad you are nearly past the nicotine withdrawal. It is true that you start to feel the affects of quitting immediatley. Keep it up!

    Jill xx

  • ah, that waking up and feeling great, that's the kind of reward that quitting gives you, and to be getting all those benefits in just 3 days, superb!

  • My last quit which was at the end of may it took about a week before I noticed any changes, last night I woke up at like 5 in the morning and was able to get up and go for a drink of water without the urge to light up. Then when the alarm goes at seven I was straight up, felt magic.

    Looking forward to football tomorrow then I will go back to my swiming next week.

  • off out for a run in a bit it is such a lovely night, defiantly getting easier at night.

    I have always been more of an evening smoker and in the evenings is always when I falter.

    each night it gets easier not to have a ciggie and I just hope I can stay clean of the fags. I once managed 12 weeks when I was at college before a relapse one Saturday evening.

    I am taking nothing for granted at the moment.

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