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jogger's knee!

so i've been trying to get into jogging for the last few weeks, and it's not something i've done for going on 20 years so of course its going to take a while! but hey i have time now right? anyway i started off at 3/4 mile every morning, slow jogging and walking, but after a week my knees started to ache afterwards, so i cut down to every other day, but same problem :(

i gave it a rest for a week and went again today, wow it was great! i ran (yes ran!!) part of the way, i feel ALIVE lol :D but i'm worried i'll suffer tomorrow knee wise. anyone know if it gets any better, should i keep trying or should give up on jogging even though i love it?

my sincere apologies that there is no reference to smoking in this post :)

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ACHES galore!!!!!

Part Of Getting Old!!!!

Whatever makes you happy :-)mol<er.

I Just Cant Get Into Jogging At All.....Or Maybe I Just Dont Want To.

I dont own a car but enjoy walking somewhat.

I think you must adjust your exercise accordingly.

Whatever youre comfortable with.

Gyms are alien to me as are all fitness programs.

At 55 I'm not interested......but yes i've seen late 80 year olds jogging in Regents Park:eek:...Not my thing.

And yes exercise is good for you...but Giving Up Smoking Is Far Far Better....In My Opinion.

You Can Always Have The Odd PUFF(of air) With Running!!!!!!:eek::rolleyes::)


thanks both, so good to know it gets better, i'm a little achy today but not as bad as i thought i would be. and yes douglas good point, its whatever makes us happy, after all we've been hedonists for tobacco for years, just because we've given up the weed doesn't mean we have to give up fun :D


i ran a mile!

well, quick update is i've just achieved a mini goal and managed to run a mile this morning, feeling very proud of myself :D even though at 12 minutes im sure there are people who could walk it faster!

i'm running (well jogging!) every other day and no knee problems now, the only thing holding me back is getting enough air in my tar covered lungs, but each day they get a little better.

some nice running links:

ex-smoker posting on runners world :)

measure a run online!

Running like a smoker - makes sense half way through, or earlier if you are cleverer than me!!


Uncanny - am currently chewing Ibruprofen and wearing knee bandage thingy.

I like you used to run a lot in my 'younger days' and having quit the weed in June thought to myself "I've got a good idea - I'll start jogging again" - am going through the C25K programme (google it if you haven't come across it) and am really enjoying it - it feels great to be getting fit again - but my knee is killing me :rolleyes:

Good luck.


hi donnelloni, yes it is all about the knees at the moment, at first it was the lungs until they got used to having all that air in them again, but then it is the knees that hurt. as far as i can see the c25k builds in rest days for you, but it was my knees that told me i could only run 3 days a week! seems that's what most runners do, takes a bit of getting used to! i've also discovered that a good strategy is not to make all my runs the same length, so i now do a short run on Monday, long on Wednesday, then back to short again, which is working well at keeping knee pain away. Also i've found a great book called running injury free by joe ellis, for every pain it tells you a stretching exercise to treat it, so cool!


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