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Day one again!!


Hi all, :cool: well i was off work for 2 weeks and consuming ridiculous amounts of alcohol and started smoking in the first week, so decided to continue smoking during the second week and I can honestly say I was itching for today to come to get back to normality and stop smoking, they are absolutely stinking!!! I cant emphasise enough how disgusting they are. Oh and my breathing is worse, my throat has all that yukky stuff in it again, plus i can't believe how much money I have spent on them :mad:

Best of luck to all you who also are on day one, lets get to a week :D if u have any weak moments, rant on this, a problem shared is a problem halved! lol

Well done to you all who are well and truly on your way as non smokers. :D

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Hi Hazel, hope ur day 1 was a good one..... dont be too dissapointed in your fail... you should feel double proud your back into it..and even better that you couldnt wait too! ... Ranting and moaning is great! .....think ive cried on this forum before now ... :D Good luck for your day 2

Thanks Kitkat, feel ok today, never slept well last night but that normally happens to me for a few nights. Just getting really fed up stopping and starting and stopping and starting so going to do it this time! Definitely do not want to be a smoker when the winter comes as I am prone to every cold going when I smoke! :eek:

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