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6 weeks for me 2!!!

hi everyone just thought id pop in and let u all know ive actually made it to week 6 (n 1 day)!! whoop whoop!! so happy NEVER EVER thought i would get this far on my own cold turkey as well!! :D. I would of done this months ago if i knew it would of been like this, not saying its been easy just easier then i d expected but im still well aware it can still raise its ugly head at ANY time!! Good luck to every1 in june quitters 2011 and every1 else your all doing great!! :)

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Well Done Barnard.....6 weeks+ a day.......A Seriously Excellent Quit You Have Going For You.!!!!!

Best Wishes dj.


Yayyyy Barnard, here's to us reaching 6 months!!! :)



Well done you. Makes me even more determined to succeed.


Hi Bernard - I really think there was something special in the air in June! I quit the same day and I'm still here with you (and cannot believe it!). See you in Month 3:)


Well done Bernard 6 weeks!!!!! you go for it and cold turkey brilliant.:D

Cold turkey for me too, hard but as you say, not as hard as you thought.

Here's to your new smoke free life.

Maria. x:)


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