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No Smoking Day
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Day 5 Relapse, So annoyed!!

This is my 3rd attempt in 3 months and this time I was adament, patches on and ready to go but. I'm really starting to feel naggy and with both me and my partner giving up tensions are very high. So this morning we had a huge row to the point I couldn't breath, the plan was to go to the shop and buy a bottle of wine to calm me down but I ended up getting 10 fags and smoking one! I felt awful after and banged on a patch, not wanting to use this as a excuse...I'm not sure we can both give up at the same time, we both seem to firey with each other and yesterday we were calling off our wedding lol!! So ripped the other 9 up, i'm so annoyed with myself.

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Well done

You've done such a good job of beating yourself up you don't need help from me but I'm impressed with your response to this set back. As for your relationship you obviously care enough about each other to want to stop smoking. Stopping smoking is stressful--- weddings are stressful but if you have't already got kids they don't compete.

Stick with it you.


You've done such a good job of beating yourself up you don't need help from me.

I know, probably because I know where I went wrong and don't understand why I did it lol. There's £4 down the drain.


Hi Haylee, keep those patches stuck on! Planning a wedding is causing the stress, not giving up smoking. And it will be so much easier if you are both stopping at the same time. Get yourself some 'treats' that you don't have to light and stick in your mouth - there are loads of ideas on here (I like TicTacs or Rescue Remedy for real emergencies!) Good luck - 5 days is great!

One month, one week, four days, 16 hours, 10 minutes and 50 seconds. 1250 cigarettes not smoked, saving £437.57. Life saved: 4 days, 8 hours, 10 minutes.


I'm wondering whether these patches are helping, I've heard cold turkey is quicker?! Can't decide whether to just lock myself away for a few days!!


Hi Haylee

What do you mean by quicker?

I think most smokers have to find the best way for them and maybe that means trying lots of different things. I have tried Zyban, patches, cold turkey, gum, lozenges and the inhalator but none of them worked for any length of time, in fact I overdosed on the patches LOL. Champix has been the most successful for me but that sure doesn't work for everyone, and even that has taken several attempts. So I don't know if there is a 'quicker' exactly. However you do it the willpower and right frame of mind has to be there, IMHO.

You have got to 5 days so that's great! You are both going to be grouchy, it's par for the course but you will both calm down at some point and it's important to recognise that the issue is withdrawal and nothing else.

Good luck :)


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