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Day 20!!!

Last message in the week 3 group today!!! This is the 100th+ time i have tried to stop. Going well so far and i must say its the best i have felt at this stage. Still having3-5 lozenges a day which is not too bad from the 10ish a day i had for the first few days. After so many quits before i know i cant have that ONE drag on a fagno matter what as everytime i have quit before i always thought IM ALLOWED JUT ONE!!! But not this time

good luck everyone see you in the week 4 group!!!!!

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Well done Kev, you should be proud of yourself!

You're absolutely right. If we really want to maintain our quits we have to accept that an addiction is permanent. You don't stop being addicted just because you've stopped smoking. Feed that addiction even once, and you run a huge risk of being right back where you started within a couple of days or weeks. (I know a few people have managed to blip and stay quit, but it's really not worth the risk!).

Keep going. Life is so much better without the filthy weed.

Helen xx


brilliant kev, your doing just great! day 20 is brilliant! lovely to hear your feeling good this time :)


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