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silly me

i have had one of those days where you seem to argue with everyone and its like one stress after another but, i did not smoke so there is the bright side to this day.......i argued with my dad and my cousin and to make matters worse i did something so silly and so on accident and im sure we have all been there at one time or another!! i want some feedback on this please,,

earlier in the week i had a little argument with my boss at work..we communicated through texts..anyway last nite i waas texting with a friend and i was telling her about my conversation i had with my boss earlier in the week that pissed me off....(and what did silly me do????) i sent the text to my boss instead of my friend!!!:eek::eek: so now she knows i was talking about boss sent me text after text of crap and im sure will be giving me the silent treatment on monday morning or will fire me!!

i apoligized and only sent her the one text on accident (nothing mean was said about her..just the fact that i had this conversation)...what to do now?

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my boss also told me that if i have an issue with her that i shouldnt talk to anyone else about her..only address it at work!!! what?? havent we all at sometime or another (including her) came home to our OH, family,etc and told them how out boss pissed us off?? now tell me, my quit smoking buddies,,what do you think....and yes the thought of smoking passed through my mind but i shoved it right out!! no smoking for me...6 months here i come!:D


Put yourself in her place as a human being rather than just a boss. I don't think any of us would like to be talked about (even though we do it ourselves). Be the bigger person and sincerely apologise. Otherwise you may find that your professional relationship will suffer and nobody wants to dread going to work every day. Make peace with it and move on =)


good for you posting here rather than lighting up, sounds like you've got a tough few days ahead but won't it feel great to get through to the other side with your quit still intact and the new you dealing well with all these trials that life throws at us - i wish i'd made it through my quit destroying stress patch without lighting up, would have saved myself sooo much time.

anyway good luck, you can do it! ><5mol<er


thanks guys for your replies! karri, thats just how i feel!

everyone has told me that she is over emotional and she will give me an attitude and get over it eventually or just trade me to another i guess ill see....

peaky-you are right and i do understand how she feels, im just happy i didnt say anything mean and i was truthfull and told her that i was sorry that this happened....


smoker--yes the new me can get through this without a cig..thats a nice feeling!!

im going to enjoy my sunday as i just woke up and deal with it tomorrow..i think at this point the more i say to her to defend myself the worse it will get so i will stay quiet as i have already said my peace to her and see where it takes me!!:D


i gues my boss wont be giving me a bday present this week!:rolleyes:


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