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Day 6 - dreading the weekend

Well day 6 and tomorrow is Saturday, the day i have been dreading all week as per normal i will be having a wee drink. I just hope (I will) report back on here on Monday and say I managed not to smoke :D I think the fact I am going to report to you all is making me a bit more motivated! I am really prepared for it this time though. Feeling really good this time so long may it continue. I have been marking off a chart every day I dont smoke, it makes me feel about 5 years old but good at the same time lol Plenty crisps and lozenges in the house :p

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Hi Hazel

Like you, I dread the weekend because I love a wee drink to chillax at the end of a hard week and also loved a wee smoke to go with it! I'll be quit 4 weeks on Wednesday and this weekend will be my 4th one drinking and I'm still finding it hard. Last weekend was horrific, I almost went and bought smokes but thank the Lord in heaven I found the strength from somewhere in my drunken mind to stick with my quit :eek:

My only advice would be to keep popping your lozenges - take one shortly before you start drinking and then take one at least every hour until you go to bed and hopefully that'll keep you on the straight and narrow and keep the cravings bubbling under the surface rather than coming to a head. I'm praying for the day when I can have a drink in peace without the torture, hopefully it'll be soon - I'll keep you posted :)


Thanks, that is one of my plans to keep taking the lozeneges. I know I will feel ace on Sunday when I get up and it will get easier and easier and I know if i smoke I will be back to square one. Not ready to give up alcohol too that is just toooo much just now lol Im fine on my first drink and last few but its the middle ones i find the hardest - sounds strange! probably have more than one lozenge an hour too haha

well done on 4 weeks thats great, and it will get easier, just not sure when!! Think it will always be there though thats the danger.


since most things taste better when not smoking then alcohol must taste better too (thats a guess as I've been on the wagon from alcohol for many years, it likes me too much :)) so why not buy alcohol that tastes great and then you would hate to start smoking again as it would ruin your new experience.... well it might work!!

anyway, best of luck for the weekend, i'm sure you'll do great :)


Hi Hazel, congrats on your day 6...weekends i agree are a pain!....its like a big trigger! the first weekend is the worst..once your through it...the next one is a lot better.

Keep going hazel, no weekend is worth smoking cool :cool:


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