My 10K!

Hey all,

Hope all is well. Did my 10K earlier today and it went great amanged to keep up a good pace all the way round and didnt stop. I didnt get a great time though, just over an hour, but thats because you could not run much quicker because of how many runners there were and the first K or two was nealry walking pace but expected because of how big an event it was. Was a great day and coming down the final strech was great with the crowd cheering eveyone on! Think Ill have to get singed up for a smaller 10k now to prove I can beat an hour! No way I could of done this if I was still smoking so I really proud of myself!

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  • Well done Dave that's brilliant, sounds like you've got the running bug now

  • Congratulations!!!

    My husband, who has never run a meter in his life, did a 5k charity run a couple of weeks ago, and now there's no stopping him, he runs every day and is getting all these fancy running apps for his phone.

    I'm full of admiration. Although I will not be emulating either of you :D

    Great job. Well done to you.


  • congrats dave..i know how you have been working up to this for so happy you have seen the benifits of your quit and all your hard work! :D

  • Well done Dave, really pleased for you. :D

  • Well done you!

    Thats a great achievement. You should be so proud of yourself. It doesnt matter what time you did it in, as you said, you didn't really get a choice. But i bet it still felt great though. :D

    I couldn't even imagine attempting that sort of distance. Big pat on the back!

  • Very well done Dave! One ot the many benefits of quitting. I joined a gym and loving it. A real buzz.

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