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Day 9

Wotcha Everyone!

The end of day 9 and I'm having to pinch myself at how well this is all going. I know i'm new to this forum but there has been a LOT of failed quits in the past but not many have lasted this long or felt this right, so definite optimism (and confidence) as I move into double figures.

Went for a run this evening after work and my chille con carne, and I felt like a machine, ran much farther for longer than I have done since school, the only reason i stopped is because i was thirsty. Thinking of doing the great north run when it next comes around, it would be a great achievement and maybe i could raise some money for a smoking-related cause. That's just a thought at the moment though, i will continue with my baby steps. :cool:

Hope Everyone is OK :)


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The Night Owls Club.

Well done Jordan.It gets better(for most) as the days/weeks gather no moss?..If you see what I mean:)...Anyway heres to another day-Smokefree.


Cheers douglas. Same to you :)


Well done you, it's great getting into double figures. You're catching up on me rightly, it's great to see other June quitters doing so well and keeping strong. In the immortal words of Yazz - The Only Way is Up :)


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