2 Weeks Today

Well everyone, 2 weeks today I gave up smoking and this is my last post in this room as I'm moving up a level as from tomorrow!! I'm doing OK, some days I rarely think of smoking, other days it's all I think about but it is getting easier :)

I hope all my June 2011 quit buddies will be following me up to the next level in a steady stream!!! See ya there :)

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  • See you on the otherside!

  • damn i just got here with my little one week, lol. Congrats and keep going


  • We're all in this horrific time together (and it is bloody horrific!!), keep it up :)

  • 2 weeks 2day !!! YEAH!!

    hi every1 gr8 news, :D have made it to 2 weeks!! so excited never got this far b4, even when i was on patches last time !! best thing ever is that the money ive saved in just 2 weeks ive enough money to buy my daughter a new bike!! :) so gr8 reading every1's posts to keep me going especially the ones that r just ahead of me!! good luck 2 every1 x


    See you in the next level tomorrow when we're counting down our THIRD week :)

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