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I'm Back...douglas.j

Well I was an idiot.One puff led to another and another and to cut a long story short my 6 month quit ended with me starting smoking again.:mad:.....But on Friday 10th of june 2011 I decided to quit again.Heading for day three(Sunday) and I feel bad about my previous quit failing...Well- I will have another go.I've been smoking a year since my last 6 month quit.......Having craving feelings but quitting cold turkey....So sorry to let everybody I knew before down...So as Day 3 approaches I'm happy to be here and yes I was too sure of myself before.I just don't want to fall into the same trap as before where one puff leads to another and another and before you know it you are back smoking again.I was very happy to quit before and join this forum....I hope this time I will be more serious about my quit and not test cigarettes from time to time as I did before.DAY 3....Here I come.....Best Wishes to you all...Douglas.J.

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Best wishes this time round Douglas but a big well done for getting to 6 months previously.

Hope this is a smoke free journey for you :)

Many Thanks Karri :)

I,ll be as strong as I can....

I must quit..I remember before how good those 6 months were after the cravings subsided.I promise I,ll stay on the board regularly....I am taking this quit very seriously this time.


4pm Sunday

Wow Those cravings sting but I know i'll get through day 3 Ok.Just have to accept its going to """"hurt"""" for a while.Been through it the last time so I know what to expect.But its great to kick the habit again....douglas.j


Well done Douglas for quiting again. As you well know it does get easier and it won't be long before the craves ease off.

I am 4 months on Wednesday and I feel much better now, not been easy but worth it in the end.

Good luck I wish you well.




Well done Maria on your 4 months(in 27 hours) and thanks for your kind comments.douglas.j


Hey Douglas, you made a mistake and realised it straight away, you deserve credit for addressing that as quickly as you have.

I've never known anyone say quitting was easy but now you're 4 days in the worst is behind you.

Stick with it buddy....


Many Thanks.

And Best Wishes To You For A Successful Long Term Quit!!!!


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