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Day 11 - I Hate Saturdays!

What is it with me and Saturdays? This is my day 11 and, the same as last Saturday, I'm really depressed and have thought about smoking since I opened my eyes. During the week I'm great but once Saturday comes I hit rock bottom like a ton of bricks :(

I think it's cause I have a drink on Saturday nights and miss smoking so much when I have a few beers. I wish this weekend slump would go away and leave me alone :mad:

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sometimes this happens!:rolleyes:

i used to have that problem when a certain time rolls around it got very annoying! all i can say is get though it and that it wont last takes time..old habits die hard!!

keep up the good work and dont smoke and you will be happy that you didnt cave..also congrats on your 11 days!!:D


Thanks IAQ :)

The same happened last Saturday but I didn't give in and woke up on Sunday on top of the world, so I know I'm deffo not gonna smoke. It's just the depressing night I have ahead of me in order to get to tomorrow is a nuisance!


very true karri!! i know for me i had to wait a while before drinking w/o smoking...i think at 11 days i would have caved....everyone is different but we all know for most of us drinking and smoking go hand in hand...when you get more quit time under your belt it gets easier to resist!!


Hope you got through last night ok, and your happy again today :)

daizy x


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