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and another one

woops after reading through the forum, as ive been away smoking for a while, i have noticed that there is a lot of people like me who tried and failed.

but to our credit we are back......

day 1 again for me, (almost day 2!!) its annoying and frustrating,but here i am, like many others alcohol seems to be a massive stumbling block, so here we go on the patches, taking one day at a time,excited about returning to a non smokers life,

Will keep you posted

P.S its this forum and the support of others that got me through the tough times, not like the nhs stop smoking people who have never smoked in their lives.................


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Welcome back Baz and well done for getting back on the wagon! As you say, all credit to you.

How long were you quit for?


well done for getting back to it baz - and goood luck :)

daizy x


hey im new to this from bout 10 mins ok lol:)

i see u are on your 1st day how are u doing,im was on my 7th day untill i had a blip:mad: got to stay strong and start again gud luck megz xx


Nicely put Baz are sooooooooooo right !:D

Good luck for an enjoyable and healthy new quit.

Regards Trev.


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