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No Smoking Day
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back again day 6

just thought i would wait a few days since my quit to come back to this forum,once again it has not been easy and i have found each time i have failed and stop again it is getting harder so this has to be my last attempt,my husband has also stopped this time so i am hoping that will make it better as the days go along,he seems to be coping better than i am or is that just a man thing lol,hoping that this forum and my patches and the minis will get me through this time and good luck to everyone else on this forum.

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thanks karri and yes i think you are right and i also talk about it a lot where as he does not seem to,is that good or bad,i have just to get on with it,good luck with your quit and once agagin thank you for your replyx


Hi Catoxo :)

This is my Day 6 too, and also using the mini lozenges which have helped a lot. My other half quit a day after me too and this has definitely been a tremendous help - I think if he was still smoking while I'm going through hell on earth I would have to take a hammer to his forehead ;)

Good luck, you can do it :)



we havnt talked before, but i wanted to wish you the best of luck, as i am a stop start smoker also , and i realise how draining it can be.

your doing great here on day 6

keep it up



thank you for your replys and it does make it easier with my husband stopping as you say,in the past i could not stand watching him smoke even though he was barred from the home i wanted to strangle him.

i agree also that has an habitual quitter it does drain you as you are always in limbo somehow,i get through all the awful withdrawal and then i go back to them,i still find it hard for that something to click with me that i really do not need them,i know that is my problem and after weeks or the longest has been 6 months somehow i convince myself i do not feel normal and start again and then i can not control it so i prepare myself to quit again,what i do know is i will never be a happy smoker again so this time i so want to make it the last attempt,good luck all of youx


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