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Week ten

Didn't realise i was half way through the third month already. YAY!!!

Well just an update on how it's all been going.

I am obviously over the worst now. I can function on a day to day basis like a normal person and go for hours not giving the silly sticks a thought but i do still have times when i think having a cigarette would make this situation (park, bbq, sitting in the garden at dusk) perfect, but then i think...why? What difference would it make woman, pull yourself together. And i do. :D

I feel extremely proud of what i have acheived. This really is a case of 'if i can do this anyone can'. I honestly never actually thought i'd be able to quit for good. I thought i'd be one of those people that quit for 12 days then smoke for 2 days, quit for 4 days, smoke for 6 etc etc...

I'm so thankful for this forum and that single most serious point that i have found so very useful

'Just one CAN hurt'

I have found myself thinking that question often during my long and painful suffering :p 'If i just have one that will be fine'. Thats when i have been coming back on here and reading all the different posts, especially from Trev.

I know now i never want to be a smoker again. Never want to feel that pull, that need, to know when i can next have a puff.

My partners family are all non-smokers and i hated going around their house because i always had to and do battle with 3 German Shepherds and a Jack Russell to get out the back door without them. It just made it all embarrassing that i couldnt just sit and chat for an hour without needing (wanting) a cigarette.

I am still trying to get used to the idea that my breath doesn't stink. I can talk face to face with people and they wont recoil. I can open the front door to delivery people and not worry that they get a face full of stale smoke. I have a major obsession with febreeze, fabric conditioner and open windows. Not being able to open the windows in this rain. I feel all cooped up :(

I have also been sitting in the garden at midnight looking at the stars. I never did that when i smoked so i am either 'getting back to nature' or i am going completely barmy too.

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Excellent work Karen.

Very wise words as well, just one will hurt.

I've seen a few newbies in here recently who fell off after very long quits, 15 months, 3 years etc, so none of us can ever afford to be compalcent.

Keep going....


Hi Karen

Huge congratulations on your excellent accomplishment. It is no small feat and you are right to feel very very proud of yourself.

Its great being smoke free isn't it??

Heres to th next 10 weeks and beyond!!!:D


10 weeks in massive, well done to you, you should be very very proud of yourself.



10 weeks blimey, brilliant stuff! Well done Karenx:D


Well done Karen 10 weeks brill !!!!!:)


:D:D so happy for you!! well done and you have the right attitude for success..what a great feeling it is eh? you have every right to be so proud of yourself!! enjoy it:)


Chuffed to bits for you! Ten weeks is indeed HUGE, and you should be HUGELY PROUD.

Was particularly struck by the phrase 'never want to feel that pull' again... it really resonates. I hadn't thought of it that way, but neither do I!

Big congratulations. Keep it going!

Helen x


Thank you everyone for your kind words. :D

I'm trying something new now too.

After putting on stupid amounts of weight i am now applying the same sort of practise into healthy eating. Theres something to be said for this on hour at a time thing. It works. I love it!


Great work, keep it up please. You quit the day before me so have been my secret "pace-maker" and I always look out for your posts.

Thank you Karenx


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