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Hi peoples:)

can't believe it's been 36 days since I last had a cancer-stick.

My reoccuring problem is how to avoid smoking when with smokers. At the moment I am solving this by just avoiding them! However will have to nerve myself to go & visit some smoking friends sometime. perhaps if I plan my strategy when with them and do some forward imagining of what their reactions will be I can steel myself a bit more, and avoid that dreaded pitfall.

At least I'm off the nrt now so I have further to fall if I do fail; hopefully this might help?

This last is a major achievement as I was last "flying solo" last july!

Only six days of this so far but every day gained, as they say..



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Hi Eleanor

You are dong brilliantly! Well done girl!

I had exactly the same strategy as you, avoid the known pitfalls at all costs! But eventually, as I still wanted to have the odd friend left I did have to see them!

It was so very very much easier than I thought it would be. They all smelt so horrible that I really didn't want to smoke! Went armed with NRT gum, just in case, even though I was off it by then. My theory was better to chew nico than to smoke a fag, I didnt use it, but it was my security blanket!

Once I'd got through seeing smoking friends the first time subsequent times weren't so bad because I knew I could get through it and enjoy myself.

Best of luck, you've done so well so far!


Hi Divingdale

Thanks for your congrats they really help.

I've managed to go two days without a choccy binge so two days without indigestion, as well, but last night was the first night I found it really hard to sleep: I was reading my book at 3 a.m., then woke up this morning at 7.40. It's agood job I don't have a job to go to! although tomorow I do voluntary work all day, so I think an early night tonight will be in order.

Have achieved very little this a.m.: some washing, a minimal amount of housework, an awful long time spent playing spider solitaire..

Luckily I have book club this p.m. and choir this eve to keep me out of mischief.

thanks again:)



'I've managed to go two days without a choccy binge so two days without indigestion'

Some great one-liners in here today !

Well done Eleanor, 6 days of no aid is great.

I agree you should avoid smokers until you really think you're ready and don't want a cigarette.

Good luck !


Hi Eleanor

I wish I could go that long without choccy - or indigestion caused by an excess of choc :(

How come we can give up a powerful addictive drug but fall foul of a flippin Cadburys Flake?????:confused:


Oh well, even more of me for my OH to love!!!


Thank you thank you

Hi :)

I think this is day 8 without nrt. Am now very tired having failed to get six hours sleep for three nights running. Am managing on extra multi-vitamins and minerals, but now suspect they could be partly causing the problem so will cut down to just one a day from tomorow. Although, as I can now Officially eat red meat again (trumpet blast) :D(so long as its overcooked):(, perhaps I won't need these for ever after all. But will wait till my gums are healthier to try stopping them.

Saw my kind gp this p.m. She asked me, was this all I wanted to say to her, after what I'd thought was quite a long moan.. Maybe I should have asked after her twins..

Or perhaps she just thinks I should ditch my half good marriage and have done with it.

Ah well, let's just keep on keeping on.




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