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Day 5 - Hooray!!

Day 5 - thank God yesterday is over. I had such a horrendous day. From the minute I opened my eyes yesterday morning I had such a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, all due to the fact that I knew I would be having a drink that night and wouldn't be smoking!!! Thank the lord, I stuck it out and just kept popping my lozenges trying to stave off the crave to go and buy smokes. So now I'm buzzing that I got through my first drink as a non smoker and the thoughts of going through a day like that again will hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow!! Hope everyone else is doing well and keeping strong (and sane) :) :) :)

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Thanks Karri, I feel fantastic that I did it! It was on my mind all day whether to have a drink or not (I was going to a BBQ and knew a few beers were on the agenda) so I just decided to go for it. And I'm glad I did and got it over with early on. I must've been taking a wee lozenge every hour but it definitely helped me tremendously. Good luck with your quit starting tomorrow, I know you can do it!! :)


well done hun - day 5 is fabulous, and getting through that drink and the build up to it , i take my hat off to you:)

almost a week now:cool:

keep trecking

daizy x


Thanks Daizy - going to bed shortly so that's another day done and dusted :)


Keep ticking them days off Daizy, well done.....


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