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day two


Trundling into day 2 - this morning was abit of a shock to the system, but i know ill get used to it.

Got loads of little things to do today to keep me busy , but not compleatly wear me out (like i have done on previous quits)

installed one of those quit meter things from the nhs on my desktop last night - it is cool to see exactly how long ive been quit, but the money adds up all wrong as i smoked roll ups , so im gonna try to reset the amount of fags i smoke to work out more real moneywise - because £5 is too much for one day , i would never be able to smoke that much baccy - more like £2 - which i suppose is about the same price as around 9 straights

have a nice sunday everyone

daizy x

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Hi Daizy,

Well done on getting to day 2! Roll on day 3... and the penthouse getting closer :)



thanks karri and alex

yea that sounds bout right karri, but i only smoked bout 17 a day - so thats around £2 - its the time im interested in really - watching the mins litually tick by is good, i feel im doing well already

todays goin fine , rushin by if anything, im havin a late lunch now lol

cravings not too bad, nicotine patch is doin its job - i think there great :)


lol - took me a while to remember what we were talking bout then - i was thinking -'what?????'

constant nicotine - thats better than bits through fags whenever they demand

good luck for tomorrow :)


day 2 is finished - i hope never to be seen again :D


Congrats Daizy! It's amazing how the days fly by I'm heading into my day 6 tomorrow and can't believe it. I wouldn't have done it without the help of the lozenges, especially having a drink yesterday. Let's face it, we need all the help we can get getting through Hell Week. Onwards and upwards :)


hi daizy, congrats!! im on day 2 at the mo, its nice to see people doing good :)

i too WAS a rollies smoker, have been pretty self-conscious recently about my fingers. the right hand side of my index finger on my right hand is yellow/orange as it the left hand side of my middle finger on right hand, basically where i used to hold a fag!!!!! absolutely horrible, good riddance :)


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