hello day 1

hi , im daizy , ive been here before a couple of times, but not for long.

I would call myself a serial quitter , i seem to quit so often and fail so ofen , i am hopeing to break this circle this time. In the last year i did not smoke more of the time than i did smoke - i just need to work on my sticking power, the longest i have ever managed is 3 months.

hopeing to make some friends here , who understand, as understandably people around me have had enough , of me constantly going on about this :)

well day 1 is starting for me now

hope everyone here has a lovely sunny weekend


daizy x

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  • Hi Daizy,

    Welcome back! I'm sure you will meet plenty of people on here who can help you through quitting.


  • thanks alex - i am patched up now and on my way - just need to stay confident ;)

  • Well done Daizy ....good luck with your quit:)

    Trev x:)

  • thanks for the welcome trev , karri and craig

    karri - i remember talking to you before , and im glad you havnt givin up giving up:) its nice to have someone in the same boat as me, although i do feel a little stupid in this boat - i know that i dont want to be a smoker anymore, and seriously cant belive i put myself through this again and again - a glutton for punishment :(

    must keep my mind on this being a good thing

  • arrr...now some company would be lovely.

    ill push you in lol - we will escape together lol :)

    monday is it for you?

  • well you pushed me :D

    day 1 , well its ok so far , only been afew hours really , and i quit so ofen , that it feels quite natural not to smoke - so that isnt a big problem.

    Already started questioning myself , isnt the mind a funny thing, but i so have to do this , for a load of really good reasons.

    I was gonna start on monday - but thought ,'oh stuff it , ill do it now' - and now i dont have to worry about stopping on monday or trying to smoke as many fags as possible over the weekend :D

    have one for me :) , and get your mind prepared - i am gonna pull you way past two weeks this time - there will be no stopping us :D

  • lol -that cracked me up

    Im totally unprepared - find that rushing around and keeping busy is very helpful

    oh .. i got to go too..byee

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