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Day 13

Nearly two weeks. :D Temptation is minimal. But I remain guarded and still taking things one day at a time. It's just nice that the days don't appear to be taking quite so long now. That sounds an odd thing to say but I'm not so conscious of 'not smoking' anymore, which I guess is a good thing. I've dealt with stressful situations and come through them without sparking up; just makes me wonder why I used the excuse 'they help me focus' or 'they help me relax' so often. Odd how the nicotine addiction gets such a grip and persuades us for so many years that it needs to be part of our life for us to actually enjoy life! :confused: Good luck to all others going through the quitting experience because I bet we all have different thoughts and fears to relate. :)

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Great work Baggies, keep going....


Hi Baggies,

Great to hear you are beginning to feel "normal" without smoking. That's where everyone wants to be. But indeed be careful, because you will probably still encounter challenging situations from time to time. It's at those moments that you will need to be very clear to yourself about what it is you set out to achieve, and stick to it.

Good luck!



Thanks all :D I totally agree about remianing focussed. I have a useful little app on my phone which reminds me of how much I've saved each day and what ebnefits I've achieved by quitting. I've also just had the best night's sleep I can remember and I can look at the fingers on my right hand without thinking 'they need a jolly good scrub!'. Day 14 now and about to get my hands dirty in the garden :) Keeping busy and occupied is a real help!


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