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Anger - help, scary, should some people just not give up smoking??

Hi all. I've popped in a few times to read and look for advice but not posted before (I don't think). I was a 30 a day for 15 years girl before giving up with the help of patches nearly 6 months ago. I feel great (apart from putting on weight) and don't miss smoking at all but I have one big problem. I've developed a really bad temper. I've always been very laid back and this is really starting to scare me. I live alone with my dogs and horses and it's my animals that have being taking the brunt of my anger. I've never so much as raised my voice around my horses before. It's also started happening at work too. I'm only angry for a split second before I get control of it, but by then it's often too late. Today I actually kicked my dog and I'm completely distraught. I made an emergency appointment with my doctor and he has told me to start smoking again. Is he right? Should some people just not give up smoking? When I tried to give up 4 or 5 years ago the exact same thing happened and the people I lived with at the time insisted I start again! I'm devastated as I really don't want to start again (tried a cigarette 4 months ago and it was awful) but I'm terrified of what I might do. Any advice gratefully received.

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I would recommend you see a doctor, but not that one. My sister was once told to take up smoking (she is a non-smoker) to help her lose weight!

I don't know where anyone finds such doctors, but I wouldn't have anything to do with a doctor that recommends smoking for any reason whatsover.

Sorry to hear you're in such a pickle, but with the right kind of medical treatment you will no doubt get it all sorted out.

Good luck!



Hi Linz

Welcome to the forum....make yourself at home.

Now about that doctor of yours.....clearly it is him that you need to kick and not the dog.:eek:

Never in the history of ridiculousness has such nonsense been uttered.....I would suggest you see a different Doctor.:rolleyes:

I am sure with the correct treatment you will be fine to both quit smoking and manage any side effects.

Good luck!


i agree with alex. wow...i never thought i would hear a doctor actually tell

someone to smoke!!:eek:

so sorry to hear about you problem but you can get that under control somehow but it you would continue to smoke your gambling with your life..

i have somewhat of a temper myself and i have a 10 year old son and its not good--i scream to much i think:rolleyes:

when i cant take it any longer i just go in my room and give myself a time out!! i wish you luck hun!!


I agree with John; when you feel overwrought go and kick the feckin quack. Maybe we can all have a go!

Linz, I have never been the calmest person, but i too have found since my quit that I am much more argumentative. Whenever I speak to O/H or children my voice is sharp. I must honestly say, I have felt like kicking O/H on numerous (lots and lots of) occassions, but have refrained so far. Quite a few of us on here (mostly women I think) have had/are having problems with our moods.

For me, I am hoping that it evens out soon and if not I will go and see my doc again, who I can guarantee you will not suggest that I begin smoking again.



Your doctor is an IDIOT, for God's sake don't smoke. You say yourself that you don't want to smoke again, and it's desperately bad for you.

This is a longer process for some than for others, and the psychological changes we all have to go through manifest themselves differently, sometimes with depression, anger etc.

To be honest even if your anger problems are very severe, there's not much a GP can do to treat this - apart from possibly a course of tranquilisers but that's a very extreme treatment and definitely not a solution. If there's any way you could afford it could you seek counselling, or hypnotherapy? Your (twitface) GP might be able to refer you or recommend someone.

If not, it could be that you're working through a bunch of stuff and it may not be just lack of smoking to blame for your feelings. Time to sit down and take stock of what you need. Leaving smoking aside, what else might be responsible for this frustration and anger? Do you have a good friend or family member you can talk to?

I hope you feel better soon. Stay strong. I'm sure this too will pass.

All the best,



Now about that doctor of yours.....clearly it is him that you need to kick and not the dog.:eek:

Haha. Definitely. Yes temper can be a big problem when we can't plug those little problems with cigs anymore, but the poor dog doesn't know to give you a wide berth because you're nicotine deprived. I find anger's ok as long as its controlled and aimed at someone/thing that deserves it, but try not to go over the top and let things get out of hand. I know everyone says it but deep breathing in those red mist moments really does help.

I've never been violent but i can be right git with my tongue and have deeply hurt people in the past saying spiteful things or being passive-aggressive. But the people i'm hurting are my family and friends, and they can be very forgiving, and dogs can too :)



I have heard that doctors say 1 cigarette a day is good for blood circulation but noonwe suggesting it...anyway i think its nonsense now...are you sure your doctor wasnt doctor nick from the simpsons?lol

i hope it works out for you...perhaps in the past you were not fussed about certain things too much as you were too busy having a ciggie...i think we have all been there...


Definitely see another doctor. I visited the health shop and they have some good products which help B6 plus i think it is called. it is worth a shot. if it helps i stopped for 2 years before and went through exactly the same as u and after a year i would say my moods returned to normal. Stick with the quit - everyone is different and takes different times for our bodies to change to non smokers completely. How about having a wee glass of wine a day? :p


You could try Fresh Oat - Avena sativa, Motherwort - Leonurus cardiaca or Valerian - Valeriana officinalis. These are all herbs that help to deal with anxiety or stress. Fresh Oat is quite well known for helping calm people who are quitting cigarettes.

I think these are all avaliable in tinticure (spelt?) form so you just add to water and drink each day - worth a try :) Better than smoking.

I agree with the others too...your doctor sounds like a gimp!!

Good Luck x


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