Drunk as a skunk - but no cravings

OK I'm not THAT drunk. Else I wouldnt be able to type. But its a miracle for me. I want you to know - its possible. Even a hardended smoker like me ( 22 years ) can stop.So? So can you! Oh how much I loved a drink and a smoke. Just read this forum when you get into that 'I need to have a fag' space. Like me, realise that what you are feeling is the same as others. Then let it pass - and enjoy! For it will pass. Like everything does. It'll either pass by you - or take you with it. At the moment I can let it pass. I hope you can too.

No ones judging - just offering help. In the end its your choice. Its all subjective.

Take care


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  • Yep, totally agree Rishika, and well done for resisting.

    Always a challenging time for quitters, sounds like you've come through last night well enough, long may it continue !

  • Great Post Rishika , say it how it is.... and resist the temptation. WELL DONE.:D

    Good Health to you !


  • i was so happy when i passed "the alcohol test"!!! congrats to you..i agree with you completely!!

  • Thank you so much for your encouraging comments Bladeflyer, Karri, Horse and I'm a quitter. They mean a lot.

    Due to huge embarressment of my drunken post I went away for a while.:)

    Good to be back.

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