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Mix up with patches


Hi everyone.

I have been on step 2 patches since tuesday not realising that I should still be on the step 1 patches :eek:

For some reason I thought you only use the step 1 patches for 4 weeks.

So I don't know what to do now whether to stay on the step 2 patches another 3 weeks, or go on the step 3 patches the tuesday after next :confused:

I want this to be my final quit so hope I haven't ruined it already, I'd really appreciate any advice. Thanks.


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Hi Daniel

Since you've not realised I'd say stick with stage 2. You're managing great and obviously haven't felt the need for more nicotine, so YEEEEES and well done!:D

Thanks divingdale. I think I'll just see how I go, and when I've done 2 weeks on the step 2's I might go onto step 3.

Seems logical to me!

Haha yeah that's exactly what it was like Karri, as soon as I realised I started to panic, but I'm sure It'll be fine. :)

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