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Day 9 (going from easy to worse)

Wow day nine already. Happy that I am past the week marker but it is getting harder for me to deal with. Im just gripping onto the fact that Im hoping it gets easier hear on out and that all the hard work in the first week would be wasted if I gave in. In addition I have saved £30. I also keep having some crazy dreams. All of which have involved me smoking and drinking, yet when I wake up I am relived that I haven't smoked nor drank. Although drinking isn't a problem, in fact I have not drank alcohol since I have stopped smoking because I am scared that it may triggers some nasty cravings. Think I am going to continue this until I feel more confident.

Anyway rant over, roll on day 10 :)


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Well done Jimmy , I am well into day 9 now. Always found the first 3 days the worst as the cravings are at their strongest . After a week its the occasional " I really fancy a fag" and beyond that it does get a lot easier.

Not sure if you have stopped before and if so for how long ?.

Regards Trev


Good effort Jimmy, keep going.

At about the week marker I started reading up on smoking related illness as an extra incentive, I hadn't done that leading up to my quit but I did find it useful when I was quit - I guess because the cravings were there but so were the fresh pictures/stories in my mind.

Drinking will challenge your resolve more than anything, if you feel weak then do not drink, leave it a week or two when it may be easier.

Good luck


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