Day One Again

Hi Everyone - I quit for a few weeks back in January but unfortunately fell off the wagon and have been smoking ever since. I'm now back to Day One and am determined this will be my final quit. I have joined a Quit Clinic at my local pharmacy and have been using the mini lozenges today which I find really help stave off bad cravings. So here we go again, good luck to everyone else on this long and winding road :)

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  • Best of luck Blondie, if you went a few weeks earlier in the year then you know what it takes to quit. Work out what triggered you to smoke again and avoid that situation, and if you can't avoid it have a plan B.

    Good luck !

  • Hi Blondie , good luck to you for this quit ......hope all goes well for you this time.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Guys - I know exactly what went wrong, the usual 'one won't hurt' and of course we all know that one DOES hurt. I won't be making the same mistake this time and am going to use the lozenges for a few weeks then go cold turkey. Hopefully by that stage I'll have gotten over a good bit of the psychological addiction and it will be easier this time round :)

  • I used patches for first 2 days and now riding bareback for the last 6 . Cant believe how much better I feel even after just a week . I do wonder though having failed my last quit if there was a bit of low self esteem mixed in with all the crap from the fags which would make me a bit of an unhappy bunny for the last 9 months :confused:

    Good luck anyway ....heres to a successful quit .


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