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3 Calender months done!

Hey all!

Well I am still here having completed 3 calender months and a day!

Quit CT on 28/02/11 and to be honest stopping has not been as hard as I expected. Of course it has not all been great, and even now there are fleeting moments where I could kill for a fag! Usually the cravings come back if I find myself at a loose end, i.e. other half at work and me on a day off. For me this is harder than down the pub.

Anyway, I do believe I have now moved into the month 4 & 5 category. I can smell the penthouse!

Good look to all my fellow quitters and especially the fab febbers (who are all very, very fabulous).

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~~~~ Congrats Fazer!!! ~~~~



Well done Fazer you quit the same day as me. Congratulations.


Well done Fazer!!!!! The Fab Febs rock!!!!

Maria. x:)


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