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Breezing into Day 2


Ello there!

Just half way through my second day! Yesterday was quite painful in the morning, afternoon was fine and the evening was a bit awkward!

Today though I'm feeling much better! I didn't get much sleep to be honest, but today itsself has been pain free to be honest. I've had a few cravings but I just put them to the back of my mind and carried on!

I'm 23, been smoking for 8 years, and I'm going cold turkey!

Any advice? :)

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Matt - well done !

Only advice I can offer is go through the histrorical threads in here, learn from peoples experiences and pick up the tips on what to do/what not to do.

Good luck

just floating into day 2

Hi Matt go to why website quick as u can and download the free books freedom from nicotine contains all the info u need. me too on day2 cold turkey i just floated into it not having any problems at all in fact if i didnt know id stopped smoking i just wouldnt know i was doing something so huge and lifechanging..... get reading and understand what your dealing with.......never take another pfff


Hi Matt,

Great work on getting to day 2! There is a ton of advice that could be given, so as others have said, best to read as much as possible, both here on the forum and on the internet in general.

One really good link for a quick summary of advice is here:

10 Things to Avoid When You Quit Smoking


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