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hiya,im a newbee!!

hiya folks,

im becca and hopefully just smoked my last fag!!! had previously quit for nearly 3 years,using patches and lozzies,was addicted to the lozzies the whole time tho!!!neway after being cocky and having a few fags when was out drinking with freinds etc,im back on the old cigs again,im sooo anoyed at myself as i did so well,neway after a very heavy weekend of drinking and smoking,i had my last fag at 10 this morn and put a patch on!! wish my daughter would hide her baccy tho!!!hope i can come on here for help as im quite scared but know ive got to do it again xx

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Hi Becca ...welcome , and well done for quitting again . You will find lots of support in here from fellow quitters , which should make it soooooooooo much easier for you :D

Good luck and best wishes .

Trev x


wow, you used nicotine lozengers for three years!? Just so you would not have to go through a few weeks of nicotine cravings, thats kind of a shallow victory over cigeretes. Hope you have better luck this time!



thanks for replies,and i know what you mean about the lozzies!!!they just became a bad habit!! but also kept me addicted,thats why i want do it properly this time :confused: x


It can be done, after I quit once I was using the nasal spray for nearly 4 months and then went back to smoking. This quit however I have been nicotine free since Febuary so doing really well so far. But yes it is really really hard, still having cravings even now, but trust me it is possible to get off nicotine completly. I used to describe the feeling of nicotine as like a warm jumper on my brain lol and without it I just felt naked, but in time your brain will adjust to living without it, its hard and its a real fight but it can be done and you can do it, best of Luck :)


Welcome to the forum Becca, I am so sorry to hear that you had quit the cigs for 3 years and sadly are now back on them, it doesn’t really matter how you got there just that you did.

I hope this time it’s easier for you and that you can do it without any nicotine aids, maybe with the help of the forum you can get past that first week and after that your body will be clear of the nicotine and away you go.

The forum is a great booster for any one that is quitting and I am sure all you will get is good solid encouragement.

Read the posts, some will make you laugh and some cry but either way they will let you know you are not on your own.

Have a great smoke free life and if your daughter is not going to move her baccy you move it for her into the bin, she want leave it lying around again LOL


Hi Becca

Welcome and congrats on giving quitting another go..

The best thing you can do is read, read, read and arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible as this will provide you with all the tools needed to beat the ol' nicodemon.

If I was giving you some advice it would be to take one hour at a time and before you know it 1 hour will become 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year!!

Good luck and enjoy the journey!!!


thank you

thanks everyone,glad to know ive got people to talk too!!!!ha gr8 idea bout the baccy!!!!i am going to use nrt at first as i have noo willpower!!but am going to do it properly,not for 3 years xx:D


Good luck becca.

3 years does seem a long time but I guess that's proof that we're all vulnerable....


Hi Becca,

I'm a relapsed quitter too. I stopped for almost five years a long time ago, then started up again stupidly (isn't it always stupid?). I'm at almost seven months quit now and I'm firmly decided that it will be forever this time.

Welcome on board!



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